AI & Machine Learning

From AI-driven platforms and automated sales processes to Digital Personal Assistants (DPA) and Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning accelerate the success of your business without any doubt. The world of AI has made machines so intelligent and imaginative that would not be possible for a human being. However, the question arises – how well you are using AI and Machine Learning for your business development?

When it comes to AI and Machine Learning development services,you certainly need professional help to gain an edge over your competitors. Therefore, Kipragno is here to provide you with the smartest and innovative AI solutions to assist your business in attaining new heights. Our primary aim is to boost the productivity of your business by offering result-oriented and business-specific solutions.

As AI & Machine Learning Experts, we help you in:

Machine Learning

Kipragno is always at the forefront in providing advanced Machine Learning solutions for various aspects of different types of businesses. With the use of the best algorithms combined with innovative data mining techniques, our platforms allow you to run your business processes more efficiently. From building, validating, training, to optimizing, deploying, and testing, we incorporate the use of the latest tools and technologies.

Chatbot Development

Our highly professional team is an expert in building intelligent AI applications that can interact with human beings using voice recognition, touch sensors, language recognition, and many more. Therefore, our Chatbots are highly interactive with users across various types of platforms. Besides, our Chatbot development services can be used for content delivery, healthcare sectors, eCommerce solutions, hospitality industry, customer service inquiries, travel and tourism industry, etc.

Data- Driven IoT

As we watch various companies developing strategies and building capabilities in the Internet of Things (IoT) world, we provide data-driven IoT solutions with the primary focus on some incredible features such as disrupted information channels, data access and rights, asset virtualization, digital twins, and customer-centric approach.

Image Processing

With the implementation of face recognition functionalities, visual searches, and detection and recognition of objects in images and videos, our AI image processing services combine advanced algorithm technology with computer vision to process large volume images with ease and quickness. Regardless of the type and size of your business, we provide tailor-made solutions to cater to your all image processing needs.

Data Mining

Explore our AI-augmented data mining services and move ahead in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From analyzing data related to your competitors, market trends, and consumer intelligence to carrying out effective industry researches, we provide you with more smart and accurate business decisions for extensive positive results. Therefore, whether you want to take short-term decisions or long-term decisions, we ensure that you make the best and the smartest choices for your business.

Natural Language Processing

If you desire to allow your computer to comprehend and process the natural human language in a more valuable manner, then embrace our AI-driven Natural Language Processing based services and solutions. From analyzing text and extracting information to categorizing content and recognizing intent, we can help you in making revolutionary progress in your business processes.

AI/ML Services for your Business


Avail our AI and Machine Learning services to empower your business with enhanced retail operations and new opportunities.


Build an individualized and frictionless banking experience for your customers to boost profitability and loyalty.

HR Management

Improve the candidate and employee experience by automating repetitive and mundane tasks.


From clinical diagnosis and drug discovery to advanced precision medication and personal healthcare assistant, we can help you in reinvigorating and enhancing your medical business.

Real Estate

Whether you wish to improve your client’s home search experience or you want to identify strong lead generation, we help you in leveraging the benefits of AI and Machine Learning for developing your real estate business.

Travel & Tourism

Enhance customer satisfaction, manage your brand’s reputations, increase productivity, and much more – you can bring a revolutionary change in your travel business with our exceptional AI services.

Model Development


We gather quality data and analyze your business’s core needs to build an effective and innovative model.


We prepare your AI platform using a suitable Machine Learning algorithm.


We test your model against various data and tune it so that it can perform exceptionally well in the real world.


Finally, we implement the model with cautious predictions, maintenance, and development.

So, what are you waiting for then? Embrace our top-of-the-line AI and Machine Learning solutions and reshape your business in this machine-dominated world.