CRM Software

In order to gain maximum profit in your business, you need to implement the two most significant components: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These two are the backbone of your enterprise as they automate as well as support your overall business processes.

We, at Kipragno, provide you with custom CRM and ERP solutions to keep your business ahead of your competitors. From bookkeeping, sales management, running payrolls to financial reports, recruitments, and customer service management – our CRM/ERP development services will allow you to gain maximum profits.

Why CRM for Your Business

Customized Marketing

What could be better than having custom layouts, automation, modules, and fields that can be modified according to your business needs? With the perfect configuration as well as customization features, CRM helps your business to adapt in the way you want.

Enabling Targeted Sales

CRM helps a plethora of businesses to learn deeply about their customers such as, ‘who they are’ and ‘what are their purchasing histories’. By analyzing all such factors, CRM anticipates your potential customer’s needs and helps you in fulfilling them. Besides, it also helps in selecting the right prospects or recipients for your new products, services, or promotions.

Tailored Service Management

An effective CRM system for any business will follow a customer-centric approach, maintain your organizational omnipotence, and increase your business’s agility and flexibility. Therefore, CRM allows businesses to avail tailored services to optimize the process of customer interaction and to increase customer satisfaction as well.

Integrating Other SaaS Solutions

A well-connected CRM system is extremely pivotal for driving sales, streamlining processes, and boosting performances.  CRM allows you to integrate other SaaS solutions with your existing applications and services so that your CRM software can connect as well as automate the sharing of customer data with third-party applications.

Automated Billing Process

From automating invoice generation and reminder schedules to speeding up the payment collection process, CRM helps you in simplifying your complex, mundane, and repetitive billing processes so that you can spend your valuable time in other productive activities.

Enable Online Customer Tracking

With the help of CRM, you can get the right customer information at the right time with the online customer tracking feature. Whether you wish to track their complete purchase history or you want to monitor all customers’ interaction with your business, CRM exhibits tracking tools that can help you out with this, and hence, also in increasing your revenue growth.

CRM Services

CRM Consulting

With our professional-grade CRM consulting services, get extensive positive results such as quality customer acquisition, retention, conversion, and tangible revenue increase. We certainly help you in fighting with poor lead conversion, scattered data, and low sales.

CRM Implementation

Our CRM implementation services primarily focus on providing cutting-edge, platform-based, and custom CRM solutions. We take your business to another level by optimizing sales, customer service, and various other marketing processes.

Custom CRM Development Solutions

We tend to provide a personalized customer experience by compiling, managing, and analyzing customer information across multiple channels. Our custom CRM development solutions can help you in enhancing sales, customer service, and marketing processes so that it can lead to improved business relationships with your customers. From business analysis, quality assurance, data migration to production rollout, user training, support, and evolution, we provide our clients with a full-cycle of CRM development services.

CRM Mobile Apps

Now it will become a lot easier to connect your business with a number of mobile users through the help of our CRM mobile applications. Regardless of the size and type of your business, you can effectively manage customer services and sales processes on our CRM mobile applications without any hassle.

So, hire us today and get ready for having the right mix of solutions to grow your business in an incredible manner!