E-Commerce Services

In the world of eCommerce, the competition is quite fierce. You constantly face the challenge of not only monitoring the market but also creating unique and interesting content for the users.

If you are rummaging for effective eCommerce services, then embrace our solutions that incorporate unique content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and current data insights to boost your online earnings.

We, at Kipragno, support you on the road to success in every possible way. From implementing pioneering marketing strategies to maintaining and optimizing your eCommerce platform, our dexterous crew of professionals is expert in handling the entire eCommerce project.

Our Services

eCommerce Website Development

We have been enriched with a team of ace professionals who have extensive knowledge in creating and developing eCommerce websites. With the use of wireframing, prototyping, target audience research, enterprise resource planning, marketing automation, content management, usability testing, and much more, our support goes beyond the graphics and visual presentations.

eCommerce Implementation

We can prove a reliable partner to figure out your business requirements and carry out the implementation of eCommerce solutions to continuously evolve your business further. Our implementation services range from configuration, customization, implementation consulting to integrations, and solution migration.

eCommerce Consulting Services

From business optimization and operational consulting to technology and market entry consulting, we guide you in creating an optimal and cutting-edge eCommerce platform for extensive positive results.

Data Migration

Kipragno is an expert in seamlessly integrating your eCommerce platform with third-party enterprises such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

eCommerce Support & Maintenance

We primarily focus on eCommerce testing and audit to provide you with reliable solutions. Our core support and maintenance services include testing website functionality, planning a website design or redesign strategy, revising as well as updating security patches, and checking SEO related aspects.

eCommerce Mobile Application Development

Whether you wish to develop an eCommerce application for Android or iOS smartphones, we ensure to create an equally responsive platform that your users can count on.

Why Choose Kipragno For Ecommerce Website Design Company?

Unique User Experience

Kipragno’s experienced professionals constantly work to optimize your website’s UI (User Interface) so that it can leave a lasting impression on the minds of its users and you can get those desired ‘clicks’ easily.

Professional Guidance

Our highly experienced eCommerce experts will guide you in implementing cutting-edge and innovative marketing strategies and in deciding which marketplaces are ideal for your business so that you can reach a more extensive array of customers.

User-Friendly Solutions

We provide you with great customer insights, merchandising strategies, and appropriate technological featuresthat will assist you in becoming a pioneering eCommerce player in the market.

Suitable For All Enterprises

From small businesses to the large scale entities, our eCommerce services cater to different business sizes without compromising the quality.


In this competitive market world, Kipragno ensures to provide high-quality services without burning your pocket holes.

Why Partner Us For Your ECommerce Website Development Needs?

Best-In-Class Professional Support

At Kipragno, we have a wonderful team of ace professionals, who first study your profile deeply and then create well-structured eCommerce solutions to help your websites and out from the crowd and reach your target audience.

Utmost Level Of Ease in ECommerce Development

As we offer a seamless and hassle-free buying experience for your users, the entire process of your eCommerce development becomes quite easy and smooth-going.

Secure & Smooth Payments

Because we integrate your eCommerce platform with highly trusted and smooth-going payment gateways, such as Amazon Payments and PayPal, we will never let you down in terms of security and ease.

Great Exposure

We follow some of the most powerful tactics to not only grab the attention of the visitors but also to provide you with several golden opportunities for enhancing your development.

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

More than 50% of the searches are carried out on mobile devices. That’s why we provide you with mobile-friendly eCommerce solutions so that your online store becomes equally responsive for Android or iOS devices.

Quality Connections

We primarily emphasize providing a best-in-class user experience, so you will be able to build quality and long-lasting connections with your customers.

Deliver a great online shopping experience to your customers with our top-notch eCommerce services and accelerate your business like never before!