Grow with PPC Marketing

With the laser-targeted visibility, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing boosts your conversion rates by allowing you to offer your brand to the right people at the right time. Drive relevant traffic and receive long-term benefits with our top-notch PPC marketing services.  We are a leading PPC company in India with a thorough knowledge on how to effectively implement the right technology for different businesses for 100% success.

So, start your PPC campaign today with Kipragno and receive extensive positive results!!

Benefits of Hiring A PPC Marketing Company

1. Potential Traffic

As PPC marketing services follow a customer-centric approach, you will receive a large volume of traffic.

2. Saves Time

From advert writing to keyword researches, PPC requires a substantial amount of time. When you hire a PPC marketing agency, you can save a lot of time doing other important things for your business as the experts will handle your ad campaigns.

3. Agile & Accurate Results

PPC marketing experts are often agile with technological knowledge and they have access to all the necessary resources. Therefore, you can expect reliable and accurate results from such agencies.

4. Lower Costs

When you hire in-house employees, it will come with a fixed salary and various other employee benefits. However, with PPC marketing agencies, most of such costs are eliminated.

Don’t Waste Your Budget On Learning. Our PPC Marketing Experts Know It Better!

Do you know that the cost of hiring, as well as training in-house employees, exceeds the costs of outsourcing the tasks? So, don’t waste your budget on fixed salaries, initial setups, investment of the right tools, employee benefits, and other overhead expenses.

When you will hire us, you will not only eliminate all such expenses but also receive cutting-edge PPC marketing solutions to render you outstanding outcomes.

Reasons to Use PPC Marketing Services

New Product Promotion

Generating a new product or service doesn’t mean it is all ready to go. Launching and promoting play a pivotal role in its success and PPC marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so.

eCommerce Promotion

Our PPC campaigns created for eCommerce platforms help you in increasing your brand’s awareness, boosting up your sales, and improving your market share.

Service Update

With updated marketing terminologies, we follow updated marketing strategies for maximum benefits.

Our PPC Marketing Strategy Includes:

Keyword Research

We understand well how keyword research is the cornerstone of any successful PPC campaign. Therefore, we use advanced keyword research tools to beat up your online competitors and to result in maximum clicks and conversions. Our keyword research strategy focuses on understanding your customers and ensures your ads show up to the right people at the right time.

Ad Campaign Setup

Before we start, we tend to know about what you want to achieve with our PPC marketing services. Whether you wish to sell a new product or services, get subscribers, or drive more traffic to your website, we work dedicatedly on your goals to set up highly productive ad campaigns for your brand.

Landing Page Development

For any PPC marketing strategy, a great landing page is extremely pivotal. Our landing page development services ensure to transform all those clicks into quality conversions. The primary focus of our services is to generate leads for future sales and to collect data for more effective marketing.

Tracking & Management

From goal tracking, geotargeting, monitoring clicks and conversions to initial campaign development, industry analysis, text ad remarketing, and banner remarketing, Kipragno’s tracking and management services are light years ahead of your respective competitors.

Bid Management

To maintain a healthy PPC account, the management of bids is very essential. Therefore, our bid management services focus on the following goals:

Increasing brand value,
Increasing website traffic,
Increasing leads, and
Boosting sales.

Dedicated Account Manager

We let you hire a dedicated PPC account manager who will manage all of your PPC campaign, whether pre-existing or the new one. From extensive keyword research and bid management to campaign optimization, your account manager will take care of every aspect of your campaign.

Performance Report

We provide detailed PPC reports to our clients for a complete and comprehensive review of performances. We just don’t give numbers; rather we also let you understand what we have done every month.

Fraud Click Alert

Protect your PPC advertising from artificially inflated clicks. Our ‘fraud clicks alert’ allows you to keep your business safe from malicious fraudsters whose primary aim is to receive profits from your ads.

Competitor Analysis

With our competitor analysis, you can see how your PPC rivals are performing. Observe their ads, landing pages, keywords, and budget, and use their experiences for creating a high-performance PPC campaign.

So, stay ahead in the shifting tides of digital marketing by hiring us!