SMO + Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, the first thing that people do in the morning is to check the likes on their Instagram or Facebook posts. Millions of people leave their digital footprints on various social media platforms.

But the question is – how well have you used this opportunity to gain maximum benefits for your business? Do you have the right social media marketing agency that can help you to compel more customers, that too, in a smarter way? In this socially changed era, just embrace our social media marketing services to promote, grow, and expand your business. At Kipragno, we ensure to provide result-oriented, innovative, reliable, and data-driven marketing services that will take your business to another level.

The Services We Offer. . .

On-Brand Posts

Our dedicated and experienced social media specialists will create unique, original, captivating, and on-brand posts for your business so that you can easily earn new followers and engage the current subscribers.

Social Media Account Optimization

As we set up and optimize your social media accounts as per your business’s requirements, we help you in launching effective social media marketing strategies to grab you with highly positive results.

Social Media Account Audit

Your dedicated social media account manager will analyze your past posts, content quality, engagement level, and much more to help you in developing a competitive and custom marketing strategy for your business.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Your dedicated social media expert will carry out your brand reputation analysis so that you can discover the true value of your brand. Our experts will spot and analyze the negative comments and posts about your organization on social media. Besides, they will also provide you with valuable guidance on how to build a trusted reputation for your business.

Extensive Competitor Analysis

Have a deep insight into the online performances of your respective competitors with the help of our dedicated social media experts. You can easily figure out as well as leverage the benefits of the weaknesses of your competitors so that you can launch the best campaign ever.

Customized Photo Designs

With our customized cover and profile photo designs, you can not only capture the attention of a plethora of social media users but also enhance your brand awareness with extensive positive results.

Why Should You Choose Us?

. . . Because We Offer Social Media Marketing + Social Media Optimization

Brand Awareness

With our digital expertise, you can develop a unique identity of your brand in the most creative and influencing ways. Kipragno’s social media marketing experts are specialized in providing cutting-edge and results-driven solutions that will help you to spread your brand’s core values and to build unconditional trust amongst your growing customer base.

Build Relationships

In today’s competitive landscape, marketing world, customer experience becomes a topmost priority, and social media platforms are more than just a medium to respond to the customer’s complaints. We, at Kipragno, allow you to use social channels wisely so that you can build long-lasting connections with your customers.

Website Traffic

In order to gain maximum user attention and achieve your brand’s goals, our social media marketing services follow an integrated approach to create and share content. Our location-centric, innovative, and creative campaigns ensure boosting quality traffic to your website.

How Do We Do It?

Step 1

Assign Social Media Account to Experts

Our social media marketing experts handle your social media accounts in a smarter way to let your brand leverage the benefits of social channels.

Step 2

Develop Social Media Strategy

Before diving deep into‘what to publish’, our social media marketing experts first prefer to focus on ‘why to publish’ and ‘who are we talking to’? Therefore, we draw out the best possible marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

Step 3

Monthly Content Calendar

Our firm incorporates the use of a monthly content calendar so that you can stay organized, track performance, plan for future posts, and remain on top of the game.

Step 4

Maintenance & Optimisation

From posting daily posts, setting up pages to increasing likes and followers, and doing hashtags researches, our experts are specialized in maintaining as well as optimizing your social media accounts.

Step 5

Report & Communicate

We send regular reports to our clients to determine the impact of our social media marketing strategies. Besides, our professionals always keep an open channel of communication with their clients so that it can lead to better branding.

Just embrace our social media marketing services to leverage your social media presence. Get ready to dominate the world of social media!